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Panther Pond is one of the clearest and cleanest lakes in Maine, but there are dangers lurking all around us, and we all need to be working to protect it.


The Top Two

Phosphorus  A bottle of shampoo? A little rainwater? Who knew such innocent-looking things could be so much trouble?

Invasive plants  Not exactly the creatures from the Black Lagoon (more likely from somebody's aquarium) but they're pretty horrifying, anyway.


Other Dangers

Not that milfoil and phosphorus are the only threats to the water quality. There are plenty of other problems on the horizon, but they haven't arrived here yet, or they don't rise to quite the level of potential disaster that the Top Two do.


Didymo   a.k.a. "rock snot." It's not in Maine . . . yet . . . but it's in NY, NH, VT, and it'll be a horror show when it gets here.

Invasive animals  We already have at least one. Do you know which it is?

Irresponsible boating  More of a threat to people and animals than to the lake itself; but still, we mustn't overlook it.

Skinny dipping


(Also on our minds: noise pollution and light pollution. But those are topics for another day . . .)



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