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Is that all we have to worry about?


Life should be so simple! No, alas, there are a dozen invasive waterplants that we're on the watch for. Several of them have already made it to Maine, including hydrilla, which is called "the worst of the worst." And there are many more that aren't here yet (as far as we know) but could arrive any day. And that's not to mention quagga mussels, rusty crayfish, rock snot, oriental mystery snails, zebra mussels, and a handful of other invasives, all of which . . . wait, did you say rock snot??? Yup, didymo*, affectionately (?) known as rock snot. There's a whole host of nasty organisms out there taking aim at our pristine waters. Most of them don't look anything like milfoil, so once you've learned to identify milfoil (and we hope you will!) you've only started. There's always more to learn. Please see "What can I do?" in the list below, or go to "Connections" at the top of the page for links to Maine VLMP, where you can learn lots more about other invasive species.


* Say "DID-ee-moe

What is milfoil?

But we've had it forever?

How did it get here?

So, what's the problem?

Where is milfoil now?

How do we fix it?

What can I do?

Is milfoil the only problem?

What does the future hold?


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