Comprehensive Plan Committee 2022-24

  • John Clark
  • Greg Foster
  • Kaela Gonzalez - Co-Chair
  • Peter Leavitt - Co-Chair
  • Frank McDermott
  • Shawn McKillop
  • Danelle R Milone
  • John B Rand
  • Jacqueline Sawyer

Agenda, ePackets & Minutes


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Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee Members - 2004-2010

  • Chris McClellan, Chair
  • Mike Reynolds, Vice Chair
  • Jim Stephenson
  • Wayne Holmquist
  • Patrick Cayer
  • Richard Dodson
  • Joseph Sousa

The Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee (CPIC) has finished its review and recommendations from the Comprehensive Plan approved at Town Meeting in 2004. CPIC brought many items to Town Meetings over the past few years that were recommended by the Comp Plan.

Some items were approved, some were not; but they were discussed by townspeople. In the end many strong changes from the Comp Plan were adopted. At the February 2010 Selectboard meeting, CPIC chair Chris McClellan gave the board a final report and asked that the committee be disbanded. The board accepted the final report unanimously and disbanded CPIC, with thanks for their six years of hard work.


Town of Raymond 2004 Comprehensive Plan



Agenda & Minutes


Committee Members Planning Board
Jim Stephenson, Co-Chair Erika Frank
Brad McCurtain, Co-Chair Will Haskell
Elizabeth Algeo Charlotte Lester
Harold Burnham Paul White
Jean Carter  
Greg Foster Board of Selectmen
Louise Lester Ada Brown
Ben Levy Dana Desjardens
Denis Morse Charles Leavitt
Priscilla Rand Christine McClellan
Charles Turner Betty McDermott
Consultant Secretary
Rich Rothe, Rothe Associates Amanda Simpson
Rick Seeley, GPCOG  
  Ex-Officio Members
Mapping Don Willard, Town Manager
Elisa A. Trepanier Dana Desjardins, Selectman
Robert F. Faunce Charles Leavitt, Selectman
  Christine McClellan, Selectman